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Fairtrade Eco Friendly Tagua nut & Seed Necklace & Earrings set Red

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Fairtrade Eco Friendly Tagua nut & Seed Necklace & Earrings set Red

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Necklace set handmade by artisans in Colombia.


Natural Eco-friendly Necklace set handmade out of Tagua nut (colored beads) and "chirilla" seeds (black round small beads).

The cord is made out of cotton. The necklace has a double sliding cord which can be adjusted from approximately 4.5 to 14 inches. All nuts and seeds used to make this Jewelry Set are eco-friendly, fair trade and imported from South America.

We have beautiful bracelets to match this necklace, please go to Tagua Bracelets or Seed Bracelets

Due to the how these beads are produced, the size shape and shade of each bead may vary and will be a little different from what is shown in the photo. Each piece is one of a kind.

CHIRILLA - "One of the most commonly used beads in natural seed jewelry comes from a beautiful wildflower of the Caribbean region and tropical America. It is commonly called "Indian shot" and it belongs to the mostly tropical, monocotyledonous Canna Family (Cannaceae). This lovely wildflower is common along roadsides and open fields throughout the West Indies and Lesser Antilles. The spherical black seeds of Indian shot are so hard and perfectly round that they resemble oversized BB's or buckshot from a shotgun shell. In fact, they are so dense that they readily sink in water. Under a hand lens the seeds are minutely-pitted, like the surface of pocked metal. The seeds are called "Indian shot" because of their superficial resemblance to lead shot ammunition of the 18th and 19th centuries."


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