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Eco Friendly Tagua Nut Energy circle necklace & earrings - Green

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Eco Friendly Tagua Nut Energy circle necklace & earrings - Green

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Unique necklace set made out of Tagua Nut / Vegetable Ivory and Soap berries.


The cord is made out of waxed cotton cord. The necklace has a loop on one of the ends so you can loop beads (two soap berries seed) over. The pendant's shape may vary slightly from the picture. Necklace Length: 14.17 inches (36 cm) Approx.

Matching earrings not in the picture but included. Earrings come with sterling silver hooks at no additional cost. Length: 5cm (1.96 inches).

Our items are fair trade and we use natural, biodegradable materials that have been harvested in a sustainable manner. Our two chief aims are environmental preservation and giving talented but disadvantaged artisans an opportunity to participate in a leveled global market.

We have beautiful bracelets to match this necklace, please go to Tagua Bracelets or Seed Bracelets

TAGUA - also known as Vegetable Ivory is primarily the dried seedpod of a palm tree that grows in tropical rainforests. Seeds can be peeled, sliced, carved and dyed. The natural colour of tagua is ivory white and resembles the finest animal ivory in texture and colour. The process of getting tagua, unlike elephant ivory, does not involve killing. When ripe, the seeds fall to the ground and are gathered and dried from four to eight weeks. Tagua jewellery and watches are made from the dried and polished seeds. As Nature provides us with unique materials, each item carved from Tagua is ONE OF A KIND. Some indigenous peoples of South America used Tagua to represent the feminine because of its great magnet-like romantic energy. Each member of the tribe was given a tagua pendant to wear around his or her neck. The natives believed that persons wearing tagua would live in harmony and always be loved by their family and friends.

SOAP NUT SEEDS “The soapberry tree (Sapindus saponaria) is native to southern Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, extending south through Mexico, Central and South America. The leathery brown berries are rich in saponins. They have the property of foaming with water and have been used as soap in Mexico and tropical America.

The most fascinating part of the fruits are the black, marble-like seeds. Known as "black pearls" throughout the American tropics.” Artisans dry, cut the shell (leathery part), clean polish and drill each bead before making beautiful One of a kind bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces and various handcrafts.

Seeds are not intended for consumption.


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